About Victoria

VictoriaI have been blogging for a few years about a topic I always thought was completely unrelated to motherhood: politics. On 19 June, I gave birth to my first child and characteristically couldn’t resist writing about my experiences of becoming a mother. And low and behold motherhood has its own politics. This blog is designed to help me come to my own conclusions about how I’m going to transition from busy full-time working, studying, renovating, socialising, tweeting, wife, sister, daughter, friend and colleague to all of these things plus the mother of Charlotte Julia (Lottie). When she was placed on my chest by the midwife, I had one of those clichéd moments of ‘this isn’t anything like I thought it was going to be, everything has changed, I’ve never loved anything more in my life than I love this child, how will my life ever be the same again’ amazement. But the thing is, life has to go on and for my life to go on happily, this baby needs to make everything about my already awesome life even better, without sapping all the goodness out of it. Huge task I know! So here goes. I’ll be documenting the journey. I hope you find it interesting/useful/not too preachy/something worth commenting on and most importantly, educational and I hope useful to your journey too.


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